Our Story

Eventosaur is the simplest way to plan and host personal events ranging from traditional events such as naming ceremonies and housewarming ceremonies. We also help you plan birthday parties, weddings, and other such events. Eventosaur has partnered with the best caterers, pandits, decorators, photographers, venues, and other such service providers in your city so that you don’t have to rely on random recommendations on Facebook or Whatsapp groups. Apart from helping you discover the best vendors, we also help you communicate with them. Planning an event has never been this easy or hassle-free.

Eventosaur was born out of a need to help our families and friends plan events in a hassle-free fashion irrespective of how old they were and where in the world they lived. We are a team of three co-founders : Tejovanth N who handles the technology as well as the finances, Setumadhava Kathavate who has taken up the responsibility of UI/UX design, and Nikhil Jois R who is in-charge of writing emails and the content for pages like the one you’re reading.

We also have a great team of interns and mentors from whom we learn constantly. Without them, building Eventosaur would have been a harder task than it already is. You can read about the Eventosaur family on our blog.

To find out more about the kind of events and services we can help with, please do check out the ‘Learn’ section of our website. It is filled with descriptions and stories related to the offerings we have.

Eventosaur is part of the NASSCOM 10,000 startups programme. We work out of the NASSCOM Startup Warehouse situated in Domlur, Bangalore.

Meet the team

Nikhil Jois | Chief Executive Officer

Nikhil loves to read and write. His days are categorized as ‘maker’ days or ‘manager’ days depending on whether he wants to spend time writing or not.

His previous venture was also one that he co-founded with Setu. Nikhil and Tejovanth go way back though. They studied together in 11th and 12th grade back in 2007-2008. Nikhil enjoys helping everyone on the team realize and achieve their full potential while having fun. He spends his spare time blogging here.

Tejovanth N | Chief Technology Officer

Tejovanth responds to “TJ” and that is good news for his co-founders who have to introduce him to others. TJ studied with Nikhil a long time ago and then went to NITK Surathkal, following which he worked at Tejas Networks.

TJ is a talented photographer who enjoys clicking pictures that can only be shot after trekking to the right spots. He also loves all forms of performing arts and enjoys capturing those moments. TJ handles the product-related aspects of Eventosaur and the finances as well. If you like good food, artists, and scenic views you should follow him on Instagram here.

Setumadhava Kathawate | Chief Design Officer

You can call him Setu. We all do. Setu and TJ connected over a love for treks and photography. Setu loves anything that looks beautiful, which explains why he gets along with Nikhil. Jokes aside, Setu is the in-house design wizard.

He loves to make sure all of us talk to our users. His testing process is what stands between Nikhil’s often-crazy ideas and TJ’s mad coding skills. Setu has a master’s degree in Human-centred design and engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle. You can read what he writes on his blog here.